Livegrass Butcher Shop

With the renewed interest in home cooking, every home chef needs a reliable source for the best ingredients. Delicious and nutritious meals always begin with the freshest ingredients, responsibly sourced, humanely raised, and fairly priced. The Livegrass goal from the beginning has been to provide all of that for our customers. We start with grass-fed and grass-finished beef, forest-raised pork, and true pasture-raised chickens from our own ranch and supplement the counter from carefully chosen vendors who reflect our values.

With selections changing daily according to seasons and the market, you may find pastured heritage pork chops, proprietary antiqued Angus filets, strips and ribeyes, and an assortment of pork and beef roasts, pastured whole chickens, fresh eggs, sausages, house-made charcuterie, bacon and ground beef.

With the average “butcher shop” these days looking more like a grocery store meat counter, Livegrass takes a whole animal approach to the meat we provide. We know you will see and taste the difference.

If you have something special you are looking for, please give us a call at 405-471-5666 and ask to speak with the butcher.